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Why Do I Need a Solar Battery System?

Renewable energy is steadily increasing in both accessibility and popularity. With energy prices at an all time high and increasing pressures on governments to reduce their use of fossil fuels as a source of energy, renewable energy is by far the favourable option for both your pocket and the planet.

However, as you, like many, likely currently rely on the national grid to supply your home with power, chances are that you’re not guaranteed to be supplied with energy that comes from renewable sources. Thankfully, you have the option of installing solar panels on your property.

We understand that you may be sceptical and think this isn’t a worthwhile investment - afterall, you can only harness the sun’s energy in the day, despite requiring it more in the evenings. Well, that’s where solar batteries come in. Read on below as we discuss what these are and why you will benefit from installing a solar battery system in your home.

Solar battery

What is a Solar Panel Battery & How Does it Work?

A solar panel battery is a form of storage for solar energy. When your solar panels absorb solar energy and convert this into electricity, this will directly power your home, then when the supply stops your home will switch to sourcing energy from the grid. However, with solar battery storage this electricity is instead stored in a special battery so that it can then be used at a later time.

The great thing about this is that no unused energy is going to waste. By instead storing it for later use, you are making your property more sustainable and utilising the maximum amount of solar energy absorbed by your solar panels, especially since you can use this energy at times when your panels aren’t able to generate any.

Having the ability to store and use energy in this way has numerous benefits, as we’ll go on to discuss next.

The Benefits of Installing a Solar Battery

Store Power for Future Use

As we’ve already mentioned, solar batteries allow you to store any unused solar energy throughout the day, which can then be used in the future when it’s needed. This is especially useful in the winter months when the days are shorter and the weather isn’t as bright (although it’s a myth that solar panels won’t absorb any energy on wet or cloudy days, they won’t absorb as much as they have the potential to on clearer and sunnier days).

So, for the times when you’re at home and your solar panels aren’t quite producing enough electricity to meet all your needs, you can rely on your backup power supply to give you that extra boost.

This is also useful for those days when you need to use a bit more power than usual - perhaps you have family staying over and more people are using the shower, or you’re hosting a dinner party for friends and need to use the oven more.

Access Solar Energy at Night

Just as solar storage gives you access to power in those times where you need that little bit extra or your panels aren’t able to generate as much, it’s perfect for also accessing solar energy at night.

It’s all very well utilising your solar energy throughout the day, but as soon as it gets dark they stop generating power, meaning you’ll need to switch to another source of energy at night - for many people this means relying on the grid.

However, with solar battery storage, you’re able to rely on any surplus of power that was generated during the day. Considering that most people use more electricity in their home at night than they do in the day (i.e. having the lights on, cooking dinner and showering before bed), it makes sense to store your solar energy so you can actually use it at the time you require it most.

Furthermore, if you work during the day, then this allows you to store a day’s worth of power to cover your electricity use for the whole evening, perhaps other than on weekends.

Sell to the Grid for a Profit

If you find that you’re able to get by just fine with your solar panels without the use of a solar battery, chances are that they are still producing unused electricity that is going to waste instead of being utilised to its full potential.

Even if you don’t feel that you need this excess energy, there are still other ways it could benefit you - namely on a financial level. If you have surplus energy generated by your solar panels, you can actually sell this back to the grid. This is known as a feed-in tariff, whereby you are paid for every unit of electricity that you feed back.

So, not only are you already saving money by utilising energy generated at your own home, but you could be earning a profit from it, too!

Be Covered in a Power Cut

Another great benefit about having your own backup power supply is that while everyone else is cracking out the candles and torches in the event that there’s a power cut, you’ll be blissfully unaffected.

If you live in a particularly rural area where power cuts aren’t uncommon, then this is especially useful - never again will you have to wait around for endless hours to reconnect to the grid.

Stay off the Grid

Being independent from the national grid isn’t only beneficial in the case of power cuts, but it’s also beneficial when it comes to saving money and being sustainable. Whether you rely on the grid fully or only in the evenings, this means you’ll be paying costly bills in order to benefit from this energy supply.

On top of that, unless you use an energy supplier that solely uses renewable energy and offsets all their carbon emissions, then there is no guarantee that the energy being supplied to your home comes from renewable sources.

As such, storing excess energy generated by your solar panels allows you to minimise your reliance on the grid as much as possible, making your property more sustainable and reducing your overall carbon footprint, all whilst saving you money on your utility bills.

The Importance of Renewable Energy

From the ice age to the dinosaurs, there have been a number of well-known mass extinction events over time, which is something many people find hard to imagine happening to mankind - and yet, we are the biggest threat to ourselves if we don’t change our ways and reverse global warming.

To put this into perspective, since the last ice age we have been in the geological time period known as the Holocene, yet because of the significant impact human activity is having on the planet’s climate and ecosystems many experts are now suggesting that we have entered a newly proposed geological time period known as the Anthropocene.

If global warming keeps going the way it is, then this isn’t only detrimental to Earth itself, but to the majority of species on the planet - including us.

One of the largest contributors to global warming is energy, specifically energy that is sourced from fossil fuels and produces carbon emissions. That’s why renewable energy is so important in tackling this climate crisis. Renewable energy sources not only produce no harmful greenhouse gas emissions, but they are also an inexhaustible source of energy, making them incredibly reliable.

The climate crisis isn’t the only one we’re currently facing in the UK, either, but there’s also the cost of living crisis. Energy prices especially have soared in recent years, with many still not feeling relief from these. To make things even more of a struggle, inflation has led to the price of a number of other necessities, such as food and fuel, also becoming a burden to many families.

As a result, you’ll likely want to save money any way you can. Although the initial investment of a solar battery system may feel like a large expense, the money you’ll be saving on your energy bills will take away some of the pressure of paying your monthly expenses.

Sunflower Energy Solutions

If you live in Devon or Cornwall and are looking to become energy independent, then get in touch with us here at Sunflower Energy Solutions.

Whether you’re looking to create a comprehensive energy solution in your home or are already generating power successfully through your solar panels, we can help find a solar battery storage solution that is ideal for your property.

To obtain your free quote or for more information on our smart energy solutions, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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