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Find answers to your solar panel questions here

  • 1. How long do solar installations take?
    Solar installation speed can differ based on the project, but most can be completed within a few days, with the scaffolding required put up a few days before the installation and then taken down a few days after.
  • 2. How often will I need solar panel repairs?
    The great thing about solar panels is they require very little repair and maintenance, mostly just a simple cleaning every once in a while! Maintenance and testing is not a regular occurrence but can be used if you notice a problem.
  • 3. What is solar battery storage?
    Solar battery storage is a great way to effectively store your power, allowing you to use the energy you generate at night and sell unused power back to the National grid.
  • 4. Will home solar panels work around the clock?
    While solar panels do not work well at night due to the lack of sunlight, if you have a solar battery storage system you can use the power you have generated during the day at night-time.
  • 5. How do I make the most out of my solar battery system?
    A key way to get the most out of your solar battery storage system is to use it to sell unused energy back to the National Grid. You can also use it to power your property at night, so you don’t have to rely on National Grid energy at any point.
  • 6. Are you the best Devon solar panel installers?
    While we don’t want to brag and call ourselves the best solar panel installers in the whole of Devon, check out some of our case studies to see the great work that we have been doing.
  • How do I maintain my solar energy panels?
    Solar panels are quite easy to maintain, only requiring cleaning every once in a while. You can do this yourself or trust an expert such as Sunflower Solar Solutions, whose solar services include maintenance and repair.
  • 8. What is involved in solar power maintenance
    The short answer is… not much! Solar panels are very reliable, requiring very little maintenance and repair. If you believe there is an issue, however, get in touch with us to book a testing/inspection.
  • 9. How can I benefit from green energy?
    There are plenty of benefits of green energy, such as helping with the effects of global warming, lowering your bills and improving the value of your property! Get in touch to find out more.
  • 10. Do you offer solar panel inspections?
    Yes. As part of Sunflower Solar Solutions' services, we offer everything from the design and installation to the maintenance and inspection of solar panels for domestic and commercial customers.
  • 11. Why should I rely on solar panels?
    You should rely on solar panels as they are a green source of energy that can help you save money on your bills and help to save the planet. With battery storage, you can even rely on solar energy at night!
  • 12. What smart energy solutions should I install?
    Here at Sunflower Solar Solutions, we recommend and provide a selection of smart energy solutions such as solar panels, battery storage and EV chargers. Find out more today!
  • 13. What renewable energy sources are best for my home?
    This can vary from home to home, but we recommend solar panels to help you generate clean and sustainable power for your home. Do you drive an electric car? We also offer EV Charger Installation!
  • 14. Is solar power in Devon a good idea?
    Devon is an ideal place for solar power, as it is a very sunny location where solar panels will not be blocked by tall buildings like many cities around the country. See for yourself with some of our projects.
  • 15. Is alternative energy better for the environment?
    Yes! Solar energy is a renewable source of energy, so unlike traditional fossil fuels there is an unlimited supply of it and it does not pollute the environment. Find out more about solar panels here.
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