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The Top 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Solar Panels

There are many common myths about solar panels, designed to frighten. However, we are here to bust those misconceptions and put your mind at ease. The reality is that solar panels can be a great renewable energy source with minimal extra requirements.


Read on to find out what not to believe about solar panels

Solar panels on the roof of a modern home

They Are Bad For The Environment

Some people are put off having solar panels installed because they believe they are bad for the environment in the long term. In actuality, solar panels last around 25 years, so do not need to be disposed of very often. Once your solar panels have run their course, you can have them recycled.

Installation Will Be A Hassle

One frequent worry about solar panels is that the installation will be nightmarish. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. Opt for solar panel specialists, for example, to make sure you are getting the most professional solar panel service possible. In most cases, installation can be done in as little as two days.


Generally, the installation of solar panels won’t require any planning permission. There are a few exceptions to this rule, so it’s important to check with your local authority to prevent any delays or problems.

Storing The Battery Is Difficult

While not a necessity, solar panel batteries can be a fantastic help. They store the leftover power absorbed from the day to use during the night, saving unnecessary reliance on external power solutions.


If you would like to have a solar power battery installed, you may be concerned about where it is going to go. A specialist will help you choose the size of your battery, and where your solar battery storage will be located.

Maintenance is Required Too Often

Once installed, your solar panels will only require a light cleaning once a year, if that. A cleaning is recommended to remove any debris from your panels, which will optimise the amount of energy obtained from them.


Dirty panels are not only less efficient, they’re also more likely to become damaged. Yearly cleaning can help retain the longevity of your panels, so it’s important to book a solar panel service when it’s needed.

They Require Certain Weather

 A worryingly common myth about solar panels is that they only work in the summer. Instead, solar panels work all year round, provided there is daylight.


Cloudy weather and snow will also not impact the efficiency of your solar panels. They only need sunlight to work, so they can obtain energy even in the most miserable conditions. It should be acknowledged, however, that snow can cover the top of your solar panels, so they may take in less energy during snowstorms.

What We Do

At Sunflower Energy Solutions, we are experts in sustainable power. We are proudly NICEIC certified solar panel specialists, with over 12 years of experience in the industry. Alongside providing solar panel installations in Exeter and its surrounding areas, we can offer a variety of renewable energy solutions to meet your needs.


For information on solar battery storage and more, visit our website. Alternatively, feel free to contact us for support and advice.

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