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The Benefits Of EV Charger Installation

As each year passes our commitment to alternative energy solutions increases. One of the fields that has seen a big move away from fossil fuels is the automotive industry, with a massive increase in the amount of electric vehicles being produced and purchased around the world. Charging your electric vehicle has never been easier, with thousands of charging stations around the globe. But should you install one on your property? 

Sunflower Solar Solutions has put together this guide on some of the reasons to install an EV charger.

Benefits Of An Electric Vehicle

Most people know the general benefits of an electric vehicle, so let's just run through a key few quickly:

  • Better For The Environment

  • Quiet & Smooth Drive

  • Better Performance

  • Cheaper To Maintain

  • Incentives To Purchase

  • Priority Car Parking Spaces

Why Install A Home Electric Vehicle Charging Point?

4) Convenience

The biggest perk of having an EV charger installed at your property is convenience. You have a lot more control over when you can charge your car and for how long. You won’t have to worry about locating charging stations and waiting around for your car to reach capacity, instead just charging in front of your house while you go inside

2) Cheaper Charging

A great benefit of an EV charger on your property is that you can save some money. You are more flexible when it comes to the times you charge, so you can charge for cheaper during off-peak hours. You can even rent your charger out at times to make money!

Modern EV charging points can even power your vehicle using renewable energy! So if you have solutions such as solar panels or a source of wind energy, you can charge your vehicle using your surplus green energy.

3) Increase Property Value

While you might be happy in your home currently, you can benefit from an increased property value when it eventually comes time to sell. An EV charging station is now seen as a very desirable addition for a potential buyer. You might be able to add an average of around £10,000 to your property value when it is time to sell.

4) No Planning Permission

It is simple to install a home charging point at your own property, as it is a permitted development that does not require planning permission. Installing on a commercial property you own can occasionally be a bit trickier, but in most cases, it is rather simple and the company you go through can assist you with making the process go smoothly

Smart Energy Solutions From Sunflower Solar Solutions

Get an EV charger installed at your property today with Sunflower Solar Solutions. We specialise in Zappi car chargers and have over a decade of experience supplying and installing solutions throughout Devon and Cornwall.

As well as this we install domestic solar solutions such as solar panels and battery storage systems. These solutions can maximise clean energy at your property, and you can even use this energy to power your car charger!

So if you’d like to get started today on the installation of an EV charger, get in touch!

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