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Farming to Security: Unusual Solar Energy Uses Around the World

Solar panel installation is on the rise, with more and more people seeking to reap the benefits of sustainable energy. But did you know the versatility of solar energy means it can be utilised for much more than domestic use? Read on to discover all the unusual ways solar energy can be used around the world.

EV Charging with solar energy

Garden lighting

In addition to providing us with indoor lighting, solar energy can work wonders for illuminating our outdoor spaces. From strings of fairy lights to greenhouse lamps, the power of the sun can be harnessed to light up our gardens and patios. Solar panel charging batteries means energy can be stored during the day to generate night light. In addition to lighting applications, garden equipment like electric mowers, hedge cutters and strimmers can also be powered by photovoltaic panels.

Security systems

When it comes to staying safe, you can use solar-powered energy to operate home and commercial security systems. Solar panel batteries can operate all kinds of security devices, from lights and motion sensors to burglar alarms and CCTV cameras - you’ll be able to keep systems running all night, regardless of bad weather and dim natural lighting.


Taking solar energy to new heights, the Solar Impulse 2, a plane that runs on solar power, made history for being the first plane to fly around the world without using fuel. With wings that consist of 17,000 solar panels, this venture demonstrates the exciting future of energy-efficient travel.

EV charging

Amid the global focus on sustainability, more people have made the decision to switch to electric vehicles. If you want to help reduce your carbon footprint, why not consider combining an EV with using solar energy to power a charging point outside your home or work premises? You could even use a solar battery to store electricity simply for the purpose of charging your electric vehicle.


Solar energy can also help out our furry friends. Farmers tend to face high energy costs, especially for those who keep large numbers of animals, and solar energy is great at keeping bills down. Animals or pets that live outside can now rely on solar panels to help light their outhouses and keep them warm - chicken coops or baby animals on smallholdings are a great example of this.

Immersion heaters

A useful tool for the winter, immersion heaters can be connected to solar power too via an immersion diverter, which keeps track of how much solar power is being generated and used. It then diverts any surplus towards powering your immersion heater and providing the building with hot water. Fortunately this can all be done automatically, so you can set it up and then leave it to work on its own.

Boasting over a decade of industry experience, Sunflower Solar Solutions provides both domestic and commercial clients with premium solar panel installations at an unbeatable price. For solar energy solutions that work for you, get in touch with us today.

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